Problem with connecting my domain to shopify


I’ve followed all instructions to change the DNS servers according to Shopify. I’ve done with all of my other websites but with this website I’m not able to do it.

The nameservers got updated like 5 hours ago. So I just started with this 1 hour ago. Do you think it need some more time to get updated? Or do you have any other suggestions? This is also first time we use .br domain because we are doing business in Brazil now. All the other times I’ve used .com, .se, .no, .dk or .fi

At the shopify verify page it says:

Current IP address:

Required IP address:

When I wrote in @ at the name of the DNS the whole webpage came up. So I guess everything is OK…

That message is because your entries are proxied. I cant tell whether you have to verify the domain or not, but if you have you could temporarily unproxy record #3 (from :orange: to :grey:) and wait for the verification to take place and then re-proxy it. But your hosting provider should be able to clarify the exact requirements in this case.

Thanks! It works now :slight_smile:

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