Problem with Colocation center in Warp


Unit recently I was having the colocation center as Mumbai, India - (BOM) when my physical location is in Bangalore. But this wasn’t much of an issue as it wasn’t causing me much trouble. But as of today (8 Jan 2023), my colocation center is showing as Frankfurt, Germany - (FRA) which is causing my internet speed to be very slow. Usually, whenever I used to have this issue I would turn the warp on and off a few times and it would have fixed it, but now it only shows Frankfurt, Germany - (FRA). When I tried instead of Warp it shows my colocation center as Chennai, India - (MAA). I would like help with resolving this issue with the colocation center. I am happy if it can be BOM as previously or there seems to be a server in Bangalore as Bangalore, India - (BLR) as shown on this site ( if I can get it as my colocation center that might be fine as well. Also, is that a way to manually change the colocation center if there is can someone share the process or if possible can some share info on how this colocation center is being assigned?