Problem with CName. Getting Error 1014


I have the problem that my CName does not work with providers such as Tebex and it must not be due to the providers but to my account. I then saw that I had unpaid bills and paid them. The error that comes with the CNames is always Error 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned. Could this be fixed please?

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I will create a ticket, you will get a copy of it and I will share the number here in a bit.

Ticket number 2765950

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 4.58.54 PM
Click 1014, assuming no issue on the billing side, I suspect the resolution here is what you need

Why does everyone recommend Cloudflare for Saas. My colleagues don’t have to do it at Tebex either, and it works there.

They are also at Cloudflare

In addition, the following problem occurs when I want to get Cloudflare for Saas: (Make payments for your unpaid invoices to proceed. Your account is locked due to the unpaid invoices. (Code: 1323)). This also comes up when I want to add a new payment method. I have paid all my bills and none of them are listed as unpaid.

As was said on Discord, this is likely causing other issues on your account. This is why you need to discuss the issue with Billing.

I created this ticket under billing it was moved

This is a community post, not a ticket. However, I escalated it here to support to discuss on a ticket.

Could you please tell me what should I do now?

Wait for billing to reach out on a ticket, answer any questions they may have and follow up with them there.

So I just have to wait until they answer me here or by mail?

You’ll get an email when the ticket is updated.

Oh Checked it sorry

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I read that they suggested using SaaS, but my colleagues don’t have to use it with the same service. Should I still wait?

I believe this issue has been solved by Support now.

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