Problem with CNAME DKIM inputs for AWEBER on cloudflare

hello , everyone,

The Aweber mail provider needs CNAME entries to validate DKIM keys on Cloudflare’s DNS.

So I added the CNAME entries in the Cloudflare DNS but it doesn’t work?

Awaber doesn’t see them enabled?

yet everything is there?

you can see it here

can you tell me what I need to do to make AWEBER and CLOUDFLARe work together?

Thank you

thanks for your help

Hi @andredubois,

Can you try clicking the :orange: to turn them :grey: which will bypass Cloudflare’s proxy, this may mean that your provider can validate the records correctly.

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Ok thanks domjh , I try it and I back

no actually Aweber wants three CNAME entries like these

with the domain name like this.

but the problem is that cloudflare puts them in proxy and does not accept the domain name in the entry as ask at Aweber:

CNAME record for should point to

Aweber error message

thank you for your help

Same issue here.

The nameservers for are not pointing at Cloudflare. Are you on a CNAME setup, or did you move your nameservers to

% dig +short ns

You need to add these records to your authoritative DNS for anything to work.

did you get it right?
if yes how?

I’m having the same problem. Cloudflare is stripping off the .domainname extension on the CNAME Name(Host). Aweber is looking for it and cannot confirm it’s installed.

The SPF TXT record works fine.

The issue the user above was having is that their nameservers were not Cloudflare, so no Cloudflare DNS records would be in play.

Whats your domain name?
Are the aweber_key_b._domainkey CNAME records :grey:?

Thank you so much for the reply, Michael.

The domain is Here’s a snapshot of the DNS panel on Cloudflare.

Aweber wants the names to be:, but the Cloudflare interface strips off the when entering them.

Or it’s user error on my part. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Looks good to me:

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You = the man

Thank you, Michael!

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