Problem with Cloudflare's DNS

Hi, I’ve experienced a problem with my domain and its DNS records on Cloudflare. External WHOISes and similar services show no DNS records, despite changing the nameservers at OVH, adding new records at Cloudflare and waiting for more than 24h. The website is not functioning, my Windows can’t resolve the hostname. DNSSEC has been disabled at OVH. Could you please help me determine and fix this issue?

If drew and katelyn are your assigned nameservers, your whois looks fine.

registrant type:       individual
created:               2022.06.08 22:12:11
last modified:         2022.06.08 22:30:29
renewal date:          2023.06.08 22:12:11

no option

dnssec:                Signed
DS:                    43081 8 2 F957009C5C1E1D1ED1559C394FEBFA07FC4890D61D5A10F3FF8183460CD8E4D8

As you can see from the whois, your site still has DNSSEC. DNSViz confirms that the delegation from .pl to your nameservers is failing due to an invalid signature. Are you able to update your DS record with your registrar?

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At that point OVH said DNSSEC is disabled, but I’ve managed to set up Cloudflare’s DNSSEC via DS records. Now I’m waiting for the changes to apply, hope it’ll work.

It is resolving now.

Yes, everything is working with flying colors now. Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it.

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