Problem with cloudflare /whmcs

Hello everyone ,
i just turned on cloudflare to my website which i am using on it
html and whmcs script
but when i’m trying to send email to client from whmcs
i find error 504
i talked to my company (inmotion ) we did all what should happen even we check whmcs itself and when we pause my site from cloudflare and stopped DNS all is working fast and amazing
is there any issue with cloudflare and whmcs?

When turned off, do you have SSL certificate and HTTPS access or not?
What type of SSL option do you use with CloudFlare?

Generally this indicates a server error, I would also recommend testing with the default themes along with ensuring you have also disabled any hooks and enable display errors under Setup > General Settings > Other > Display Errors.

Does error.log have something in it?

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