Problem with Cloudflare Turkey Server?

Hello, We are storing a few video files with Backblaze, we are serving with Cloudflare, my traffic is not much, there is nothing to just create a violation, for the last 1-2 months, the promotional video of our organization is either not loaded or opens very slowly when the video is opened, the problem is solved when I log in with Vpn. Does Cloudflare work with the closest server? How we can solve this problem? I think there is a problem with Turkey’s Cloudflare Server.
It has been working smoothly for 2 years, this problem continues for 1-2 months

It appears that the issue might be related to Turkey’s local network infrastructure interfering with Cloudflare’s services. Unfortunately, there’s not much Cloudflare can do in this case. You can try reaching out to your ISP to discuss the issue, or continue using a VPN to bypass any local network restrictions. They currently are blocking access to * domains as well.

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