Problem with cloudflare plugin

hi, I have installed cloudflare plugin in wordpress and setup it, but don´t go. Can you help me please?

What’s the domain?

Oh, excuse me, the domain is, . I decided to use the plugin because when I tried to use directly your service, changing the servers, I receive and 502 message.

That domain is not using Cloudflare’s DNS servers, or Cloudflare’s proxy service.

Just make sure your website is up and running with HTTPS before you add it to Cloudflare.

I thought that using the plugin it was not necessary to change the servers. this is not specified in the plugin installation instructions.

Ah, you’re correct about the lack of info. They tell you everything except the fact that your site already needs to be running on Cloudflare.

So, it is necessary to change my domain servers and start to use yours, althought I am using the plugin?

Yes, you will need to follow the instructions provided when you added that domain to Cloudflare. That includes setting your name servers to the ones Cloudflare assigned.

Additionally to what @sdayman suggested you should also check out as that has all the information for the setup.

Oh in this case It will not beel posible to continue with it because I can´t solve a problem with servers. I received a 502 error message when I turn on your service. Thanks anyway.

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