Problem with cloudflare nameserver

I have configured my domain into Cloudflare but now Cloudflare suggest me change nameserver of my domain with:

but IT registrar check coerence and send me this error:

toby nameserve ERROR Nameservers list [toby nameserver., uma nameserver] different from NS Records: [brad nameserver., lucy nameserver.]
uma nameserver. ERROR Nameservers list [toby nameserver., uma nameserver.] different from NS Records: [brad nameserver., lucy nameserver.]

how solve this?

Hi @user1722, seems the domain is already active on Cloudflare with the name servers of brad and lucy. If this is for an eu domain, name server changes need to be handled through support, Review this line:

Most European registrars will have limitations on assigning different nameservers within the same DNS in case the new domain was active in Cloudflare before. The reason for this is because our nameservers will always respond to the old domain nameserver values instead of the new pending zone.

The article outlines the move process assuming you have access to the account you’re moving the zone from and the account where you’re moving the zone to. It also mentions that this type of move requires support assistance.

thanks for your reply cloonan.

i dont know other account…

hmm, you may want to share the domain with the community to get more eyes on this and to ensure I’m looking at the correct zone. It is not impossible to move the zone if you don’t have access to both accounts, but you need to have access to the registrar for nameserver changes. Is the screen shot you posted from your registrar?

the domain is:

this domain is my propriety and I am able to change nameserver and have my whm on server

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Thank you. Right now, name servers are set as:

dig ns +short

If it is, I suspect the reason it’s still pending is the issue with European registrars and the domain being active in Cloudflare before. Couple of questions:

  1. Did you change the name servers with your registrar from brad & lucy to those listed above?
  2. If so, change them back to brad & lucy and click re-check name servers on your dashboard. It may take as long as 24hr for that change to be seen.
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cloudshare ask me change name server with: and

but registrar show me this error

toby nameserve ERRORE Elenco dei nomi [toby nameserver., Uma nameserver] diverso da NS Records: [brad nameserver., Lucy nameserver.]
uma nameserver. ERRORE Elenco dei nomi [toby nameserver., Uma nameserver.] Diverso da NS Records: [brad nameserver., Lucy nameserver.]

Have a read of @cloonan’s post above, it could explain the issue. Also, have you read the EU domain bit?

It is, or should I say “.it it is” :slight_smile:

.it is notoriously known for making DNS difficult :smile:. One of those registries which attempts to verify the provided nameservers, which will of course beautifully fail if the domain has been already on Cloudflare and Cloudflare announces those “other” nameservers. Classic :slight_smile:


it it it it it is now confusing me!!!

I missed the post where you confirmed the domain. the issue has been addressed by both @cloonan and @sandro now, you will need to get in touch with CF support or your registrar… Difficult decision!!

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