Problem with Cloudflare Gateway List Upload

Cannot upload my csv file to Cloudflare gateway. It was properly formatted.
Then i checked with the official csv provided by Cloudflare

This also gives the following error
Something went wrong while uploading the file. Please try again later! error validating values on line 1: invalid url ‘


  • Can you perhaps share a snippet or a sample of what you are trying to upload?
  • What is the size of the file you are uploading?

A list can only include objects of the same type. Have you ensured that all objects are of the same type?


I used the sample data provided by Cloudflare themselves,


I was successfully able to replicate the issue and resolve it as well.

Steps I took to receive the error message you mentioned:

  1. Go to [https://][dash.teams.Cloudflare.][com]/
  2. Home > My Team > Lists
  3. Uploading the example document from Cloudflare URLs will give an error as you described.


  • Change the URLs to have https:// at the beginning. After making this modification, the CSV file is accepted.

For Cloudflare Employees:

  • The example documentation given for the example CSV to upload for Cloudflare Gateway underneath Home > My Team > Lists will produce an invalid result. Either the example documentation needs to change or the parser on the backend needs to accept domains without the ‘https://’ added.

This sounds like a job for super-@kody.

Yep! Just merged in a fix [CFZT] Fixed example raised in community by kodster28 · Pull Request #5272 · cloudflare/cloudflare-docs · GitHub that should be live in a few minutes.