Problem with Cloudflare Email beta


please help resolve the issue when using Cloudflare Email beta.

We have set up email forwarding:
custom address on my domain
action: Send to my another email
Mail forwarding works and email arrives in your inbox.

However, if I send an email from my inbox that pretends to be the sender of custom address XXX, it will arrive at most inboxes in order, but it will never be possible to send an email to inboxes at Google. The following message will be returned to me:

Subject: Undelivered Mail / Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

Your message to from 07.06.2022 could not be delivered.
The message is attached.

You message for from 2022/06/07 could not be delivered.
It’s attached below.


5.0.0 smtp; 550-5.7.26 Unauthenticated email from is not550-5.7.26 accepted due to domain’s DMARC policy. Please contact the550-5.7.26 administrator of domain if this was a550-5.7.26 legitimate mail. Please visit550-5.7.26 XXX to learn about the550 5.7.26 DMARC initiative. o5-20020a056402438500b0042e014ace40si11299783edc.13 - gsmtp

Permanent Failure - Other or Undefined Status

Can you please help me with the solution? You may need to set up DNS records for the email on Cloudflare differently to prevent the email from complying with the DMARC policy.

thank you very much



The SPF record for your domain does not include your own mailservers as authorized senders. While you have included the Cloudflare SPF, your outgoing email does not go through Cloudflare, so does not match that SPF record.

What/who is your email service provider?

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