Problem with cloudflare DNS and reslov external domain

We having some problem with Cloudflare public dns and “” domain reslove.
Cloudflare dns return to us SERVFAIL, id: 6974. Ofcourse when we add +trace all works great.

Any ideas? (it happens only with

Best regards

The website has a huge DNSSEC issue:

If you know their twitter or can email them, I suggest letting them know their DNSSEC configuration is broken. Direct them to this forum post if you would like.

this is us configuration :stuck_out_tongue:
I transfered the domain from OVH where it was DNSSEC enable, before i began i was disabled DNSEC. But as i can see DNSSEC keys are on master servers. Can you say where to start?

DNSSEC isn’t disabled. The TLD is still sending an algorithm 8 DS record.            86400   IN      DS      27379 8 2 00F96B91364DCF2ABCB6D51B901B51100E24953C7E1B3FDB99CEFDB0 3DA271AE

Meanwhile the domain’s nameservers are using algorithm 7 keys.