Problem with cloudflare caching in google live page test

My website is showing 404 errors for some autoptimize CSS and js files in gt-metrix and google live url test.
Earlier I thought the problem was due to wp super cache and autoptimize. So I deleted both the plugins. But still, the error is showing. Then I disabled the Cloudflare (through DNS orange and grey option) and checked with gtmetrix and google live url test, then there is no problem.

Below is the screen-shot of google live url test taken while Cloudflare was disabled and enabled. While Cloudflare disabled, the page looks fine both in gt metrix, google page speed insights, google live url test etc…

But when I activated back the Cloudflare, then the css of my page is not loading in google live url test, gt metrix, etc., instead, it is now showing 404 errors for some files which is not existing.

Here is the link for of the gtmetrix.

This is the case with all my pages and posts. The link to one of my post is attached below.

I already cleared the Cloudflare cache by clicking the purge everything option. But nothing happens positive.
Kindly help me in solving the issue.

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