Problem with Cloudflare and S3 Buckets

Hi, i have a application using S3 buckets, but using the ssl flexible of Cloudflare, I can’t upload files to s3 anymore, message of error: “The specified key does not exist” , how to easy way to fix this problem?

You will not upload passing through Cloudflare, but directly to AWS. So… how does this relate to Cloudflare?

my java app sends files directly to s3, but after enabling Cloudflare ssl, i am getting this error above

I presume the error is in the code, since the upload shouldn’t pass through Cloudflare.

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no, I will try to explain, my application creates files with jasper report and exports to s3 and they work perfectly, after turning on ssfl flexible Cloudflare I have the following error:

Have you made sure that there is public access with the bucket with a CNAME?

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the problem is, I can’t change the bucket name, I have users using this bucket…

Well that is not something easily solvable, maybe it will work suing a worker to request the files. Not really sure though.

Maybe something like this (ignore the deprecated message, it’s still valid as an example):

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not work :frowning:

Have you configured Workers correctly? Have you enabled the route?

Can you share an URL and the code you used?

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Hi, i fix this problem, first, I disabled all firewall security in Cloudflare after I enabled ssl flexible and disabled all options in SSL/TLS app, using page rules to redirect my domain and www.mydomain to https requests…

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