Problem with cloudflare and inmotion

hello ,
when iam trying enter my whmcs admin panel it take long time to open then it give me error 524
and sometimes it’s open but when for example i send email to one of my client give me blank page for long time then error 524
ok i searched and problem of my server
but i contactd my provider , i have high VPS and only one website , so can’t be problem of VPS
and also i put ips of cloudflare in whitelist and plugins of ithemes security and wordfence
and now my host provider recommend me to unistall cloudflare !
which i want know why this problem no solve for it !

Hi there,

A 524 timeout doesn’t necessarily mean that your server is overloaded. It could also be that your web server didn’t respond in time because of an issue with your website code. In my experience, it could be the case that some third-party loaded slowly or some condition wasn’t met in the code and that therefore no response was sent. This in turn could let the web server believe that it still needs to wait and hence times out.

We can provide you with further information on what your web server responded, if you open a ticket with us, but that’s about all we can do. If you want to check if it’s Cloudflare related, try disabling the :norange: Proxied mode (set it to :ngrey: DNS-only), test it, and if it loads slowly, it’s probably something on the origin. Otherwise, it could’ve something to do with an error that occurs when Cloudflare connects to your origin.

Hope this helps.

I did all for dns only
And checked
Even admin panel of whmcs is not opening after i enter my login
Take so long time then give error 524

I talked to inmotion , and they told not from their part , all vps updated everything is fine with them , and whmcs they not problem too because without loudflare it’s working fine , so they don’t think this problem relate to them

Still don’t know from where the problem or who talk with :smirk:

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