Problem with Checking if the site connection is secure

Hello, from yesterday out of nothing Cloudflare was started to check the connection almost every time I open a website. This is happening from all devices, connected to my home network. On a mobile data plans with the same devices there is no problem. In my opinion it is something to do with my IP address. It is very annoying. What seems to be the problem? Does anybody have the same problem? How to contact them to unblock my IP address?

It sounds like you are on a shared IP, or the IP you were assigned by your ISP was previously used in a malicious or suspicious manner. There are several services out there where you can check an IP’s reputation. If you are a Cloudflare customer you can use their Investigate tool.

Thank you for your answer. I am not a Cloudflare customer. My IP is static, and I am using it from the begining of my contract with my ISP, let’s say about 7 years. Untill now there were no problems. This came out of a sudden

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