Problem with (cf.verified_bot_category eq "AI Crawler")

I intend to Block AI cralwers such as ChatGPT, Claude, AmazonBot, etc

When I enabled Managed Challenge for below condition

(cf.verified_bot_category eq "AI Crawler")

It triggers for Googlebot which seems irrelevant that’s in Search Engine Bot category.

For now, I’ve added a seperate rule to skip WAF for ‘Search Engine Bot’ category.

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The documentation is inconsistent. On this page a category of “AI Crawler” is mentioned.

But on this page, which shows up as a documentation link whenever you try to add cf.verified_bot_category to a WAF expression, shows AI bots in the “Other” category. Which means AI bots are lumped in with other things like the Pintrest bot.

Maybe try experimenting with something like this…

(cf.verified_bot_category in {“Other” “AI Crawler”})