Problem with cdn setup



hi there
i added my website to cloudflare and i changed the dns to alexis and lara and after that my website status in cloudflare is active but in gtmetrix it says i dont have a cdn . i checked with site : but this website says my dns is active but my cdn is not active .
i installed cloudflare plugin for wordpress in my site but still my cdn is not working . what should i do ?
please help

with regards



Currently your domain is :grey: clouded. You will need to click the :grey: to :orange: in the DNS tab of Cloudflare to get the benefits of Cloudflare.

Also, note that GTMetrix doesnt recognize Cloudflare as a CDN, because Cloudflare serves the content through your own domain. If you care about the GTMetrix score, I think there is a setting somewhere that allows you to whitelist your own domain as CDN (search the forum here for more info - think this question has come up before).


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