Problem with caching in different browsers

I am trying to disable caching completely.
Created a rule, deleted the cache, tried to enable developer mode.
in the firefox browser everything is fine, as soon as I update the file on my server it loads in the browser.
But in browsers chrome and edge old files remain.
What could be the problem?
When the cloudflare was not connected, everything updated without problems.

May I ask for how long is the TTL value setup to keep them at end-users Web browser cache, if so?
The Cloudflare has got Browser Cache TTL option.
May I ask to check what value have you got selected under it?

Also, do you mean on a CSS, JS, image or some other MIME file type?

What Cache options have you got selected at Cloudflare dashboard? Is it option Cache Everything or some other selected?
Do you use some Page Rules at Cloudflare dashboard?

The best way to check is to open your website in incognito or InPrivate mode.


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