Problem with Bluehost


My name servers are pointed to Cloudflare.

I have setup my A record (DNS only, not proxied) to point to BlueHost (
I have also set the WWW CNAME to be DNS only also.

But on BlueHost side, it does not work.
It keeps telling me that the A Reccord is not correct and will not allow to complete my domain setup.

BlueHost support says it’s a Cloudflare issue.

The A record has been set several days ago.

Any idea how to fix this?


You will need to set your DNS record to “DNS only” instead of “Proxied” so Bluehost can see their IP address. Once Bluehost has detected your A record is correct, you may be able to switch it back to “Proxied” afterwards.

To use Cloudflare features the record needs to be proxied.


But that’s the thing, it’s already set to DNS only.

Somehow it still does not work.

What is the domain?


On the same page, it shows your assigned Cloudflare nameservers. Are these Isabel and Chip?

Yes absolutely


Could you show a full screenshot of your DNS records, and click edit on the A record that’s not working?

Also, did you use the domain previously with another company? For example Shopify?

Which was it?

It was a host called Funio

the A record was

Can you still share a screenshot of your other DNS records?

You have a proxied AAAA record for the name, you probably need to delete that. You can’t have proxied and unproxied records for the same name.

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