Problem with Bing Indexing (No Problem with Google)


My website is not being indexed by Bing, but is ranking in Google. I’ve sent Bing multiple tickets but they don’t seem to respond anymore. I’ve read a separate post (Bing is not indexing my site - #4 by JoshJ) posted by @ballyclaregospelhall that there has been issues with Bing and Cloudflare. Considering how Cloudflare has impacted my site’s speed and load times positively, I really want to keep using Cloudflare.

Anyone else have this issue? If yes, how did you mitigate the problem?

@ballyclaregospelhall, you have mentioned in your post that Bing responded and said their site is new. How is it doing now? Is it finally indexing on Bing? Thank you.


May I ask if you get some error shown in the Bing Webmaster Tools related to the indexing/crawling, or accessing the robots.txt or sitemap files? :thinking:

Issues? Maybe for a select few, not the majority, and certainly not a CF issue since this occurs with others with new sites. Bing can be annoying until you get it whitelisted and they deem your website worthy, which is better than the drama-filled SERPs we got with Google, especially in the past three months.

Bing indexes my posts within seconds, literally. Google is a crapshow since the algo updates with my posts ranking 1 and disappearing within the same day, then re-appearing like a circus daily for the past month or two, along with many others. Most sites are at fault with Bing by blocking it, setting the wrong TLS settings, or being accidentally blacklisted since they are new and have content that has tripped their spam filters which even happened to my sites. That is all it is. I would know if CF was a big issue since I would be affected full-time, along with many other sites.

Word of advice, be patient with Bing’s support, and be very polite. They are underpaid workers from India who are probably getting barked at all day by Americans, Euro people, and Oceanic like AU and get paid 1% of what we probably get, if that. I went in hot and heavy and changed my tune; now they respond and fix any issue I got, including thieves stealing my content and removing it within three days or so. Just my personal experience with dealing with Bing.

Hello. I did, but I’ve fixed all of them by configuring my robots.txt and reuploading my sitemap files. I think the issue can be resolved by whitelisting my site.

I’ve tested several URLs on my site using the Test Live URL section and they all said “Your Site can be indexed by Bing”. I just need to continue working with Bing support to maybe whitelist my site.

Good point. I’ve been nice to them andI’ll continue to be patient with them. Thank you.