Problem with basic page rule


I think I am losing my mind slightly, could do with somebdoy to look at what I am doing and see if they can see what I am doing wrong?

I am trying to do a site wide redirect like I have done many times before in the page rules, here is one that is in place and works fine:

I am trying to exactly the same thing with this one also:

The objective is obvioulsy a sitewide redirect from >

Can anybody see why one works and the other doesn’t?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, just seen there was the astrisk missing in front of the request URL, have added it back in but still the same:

You need to set your DNS records to :orange:. Currently they go straight to your server and hence the page rule does not take effect.

Thanks for the quick reply Sandro, I should have thought of that…!!

All sorted.

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