Problem with Argo


I have a problem with the Argo system.

Accidentally the same day I bought it, I deactivated it and activated it 4 times because I did not understand if it was active or not. Will I be charged extra for this action?

Another question
When can I know if I exceeded the 5GB bandwidth?

I’m not sure if this has been changed. Originally when Argo was first introduced it seemed to be a bit glitchy in activating. So I made the mistake of activating it / deactivating twice. And I was in fact charged for 2 instances of Argo.

Never got a reply or adequate resolution to support emails. Actually never got a reply if I’m remembering correctly. Only after complaining on Twitter multiple times did I stop getting charged twice for one use.

I’m assuming with recent changes to Billing interface this might now be more easily resolved.

I don’t have any recent interaction with this issue. Just sharing my previous experience. Hopefully those with more knowledge will jump in with replies.

Argo free traffic is 1GB per month.

To check for Argo Traffic. Go to: Dashboard > Billing > Billable usage. Note that Billable usage for your account is Beta.

Unfortunately, no one on the Community can see your account details. To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post.

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I know.

What happens in your activities and you deactivate the panel button 4 times in a row? Do you charge an extra? I did it accidentally and that’s my question.

Hi @leito_cba_cova, did you file a ticket with support. If so, will you share the ticket number here. I’ll get it in the proper queue. You won’t be charged for services you don’t receive and the billing team is really helpful. Sorry for the trouble.

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but from

If you turn off Argo and turn it back on for the same domain within the same month, you will incur a separate monthly charge for each activation.

you get charged $5/month each time you turn off/on Argo according to billing article ?

Yes, @eva2000, once I know the ticket number I’m hoping the team will see it happened quickly and understand the confusion.

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Thanks you very much friend.

They ticket that i generated was 1697441

Thanks you very much friend.

They ticket that i generated was 1697441

Thank you, I do see the ticket and copied myself on it. I see your reply as well and will keep an eye on progress.