Problem with argo tunnel error 1000

Suddenly my servers crashed with this problem and I can’t find a way to debug the problem or know what causes it. Can someone help me find out what the problem is?The tunnel shows no errors Thanks in advance

Hello!, I did not find the solution in the post, I am using Cloudflare Tunnel and we do not have a reverse proxy

Try to change the hostname (DNS record) to :grey: (DNS-only) and see if that works?

Are you using a CNAME?

Have you checked your DNS records, do they point to your origin host/server IP or rather to some IP at Cloudflare?

Do you get this error in the terminal/console or when visiting your website in a web browser?

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I just made the change to DNS-only and for now I don’t see any changes, I’m using CNAME that points to the id of the Cloudflare Tunnel + and this error occurs when I visit my website. It should be noted that we have been working like this for months and this problem occurred suddenly

There is a proxied Cloudflare LB origin pointing to another Cloudflare LB, which then points to the Cloudflare Tunnel origins. This CF LB → CF LB is what is causing the 1000 error.

If the current setup is not how it was originally configured, could you please revert to your desired configuration, so I can take a look?

I’m replying to your support case directly about this, so feel free to respond there.


Yes, that is a small fix that we had to make temporary but in the same way I have affected other sites, one uses CNAME and another is an LB that points directly to an Cloudflare Tunnel

Today I checked the logs and found this error. I still can’t use Cloudflare Tunnel