Problem with Algieria

Hello, today morning I have problem with my service that traffic from Egypt and Algieria not working, after Egypt start working still I have problems with Algieria traffic.

I think this is still CloudFlare problem, my website, cdn’s and databases works perfect

How do we (how do you) tell that there are issues with Algeria? That image shows literally nothing…

Hi I have only statistics from G. Analytics and bandwithd on my server and Ads server. I don’t know what can be reason but today morning CloudFlare problem with Egypt and Algieria traffic :frowning:

Again, how are you realizing there are issues with Egyptian and Algerian traffic? There must be a reason you are saying that…

I see tons of users from Algeria.

Because when was problem

only Egypt and Algeria does not working, now I see on my stats that only Algeria has this problem. Maybe it’s ISP in Algeria but I don’t know

That problem was resolved hours ago. Since there are hundreds of users from Algeria on the site I really doubt it’s giving people 522 errors, which would make Google Analytics not load…

Ok, thank you but can’t find solution how I can see what error is in Algeria. I see only problem on GA, ADs, and bandtwith on my site :slight_smile:

Again, for the last time, what problem?

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