Problem with adding a site

Usually when I registered a domain at my registrar it automatically added a template with nameservers set to and because that’s how I used to register domains at my registrar to work with Cloudflare.

Than adding a new site to Cloudflare was seamless and quick.

Since the domain creation which was on 3rd of August I still couldn’t add a new site to Cloudflare after 3 days.

So I started searching for answers and found out that NS shouldn’t or can’t be set to Cloudflare’s. So I rushed back to my registrar and set NS to registrar’s NS. It’s been already more than 2 days and it’s coming up to my nerves because my client is waiting for email accounts.

Have I missed something. Have there been any changes to how to add a new site?
And it’s an european TLD which I already had no problems with before.

Thanks for any respond!

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