Problem with active zone

I have been trying for a few days to register my website for Cloudflare without success. I purchased the Amazon domain with a COM extension and the site ran properly. I changed the server names to the two names of Cloudflare but it’s been a few days and nothing has changed and my site is still in standby status in Cloudflare. I also saw that there was a comment that said it was not an active zone. What it means? Does this affect the activation of Cloudflare and if so how to resolve it?

It generally means that the domain is not currently in your Cloudflare account with their nameservers…

Have you clicked the recheck nameservers option if you have changed them to point to CF?

I have done it several times and nothing has changed. I attach the change I made to the Amazon nameservers

When I do lookup, that domain returns AWS nameservers. You have added the Cloudflare ones as NS records. They need to be set as the authoritative nameservers instead of the AWS ones with your domain registrar.

How do you check which servers the domain redirects?
I also deleted with certainty the four references to Amazon that were initially registered and only registered the two that refer to CF

I used this:

It shows the Cloudflare nameservers under the NS records but the AWS ones as the authoritative. Make sure you change them in your Domain Registrar control panel, not your DNS one.

Ok thank you so much, maybe you know how to do this on Amazon?

I found the way to change the server names. My site now has an active status. Thank you very much for your help!


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