Problem with app

Hi. I have problem with Android app. I use Cloudflare for Teams Standard plan. I love Cloudflare and I want always use app on my android to protect it, but when I enable app, it works fine from the beginning but after some time internet stops working and I can’t open any website, any app, internet not working until I disable app. I use Samsung Galaxy A41 (Android 11), all apps is updated. I have disabled battery optimization, memory optimization, antivirus… I logged in with Cloudflare for Teams account in app and I have installed Cloudflare CA certificate. WARP client works fine on Linux, but I always have this problem on Android, on any network: home wifi, mobile data, wifi on work, with only DNS mode, with WARP/WARP UNLIMITED mode… All other DNS client apps works fine with Gateway DOH address. I tried submit a bug report from inside the app many times, but I don’t receive answer. I have app console logs. Can someone help me?

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Good morning!

I also experienced this, after disabling Device Care → Advanced -->Auto optimization I do not have unexpected application shutdowns / crashes, but maybe its something else or its a bug, but in my case its stable after disabling this.

I have disabled all “Optimization” setting: Auto Optimization, Adaptive Battery, Power Saving, Put unused apps to sleep, but I still have problem. I think this is app bug because all other dns clients works fine with gateway doh address, or this is problem with some “ports”…


I have Issued my website I am using a website for android users but I am using a Cloudflare free hosting service. But sometimes it’s not loading properly… what do I have to do?