Problem when configuring S3 website domain go through Cloudflare DNS proxy

Currently, I’m trying to create a CNAME record what points to a Ceph s3 website domain, for example: => So in this way, my subdomain s3. will have https.

But then only http works. If I go to, it shows the metadata, not the index.html itself:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The
document tree is shown below.
<ListBucketResult xmlns="">

Here is my rgw configuration:

rgw_resolve_cname = true
rgw_enable_static_website = true
rgw_dns_s3website_name =
rgw_trust_forwarded_https = true

So anyone know make the https show the content of index.html (not its metadata)? This issue doesn’t occur using S3 website domain of AWS. Seems like it only happens with Ceph.

Thanks in advance.

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