Problem when addressing my hosting to cloudflare DNS

when making the adjustments the hosting notified me to redirect the DNS of my hosting to Cloudflare and when trying to access me to an error on the part of hosting for the same, my website is
and I can not find the option to do the configuration

Your nameservers are changed:

$ dig ns +short

The domain loads with ready to start banners from the host. Cloudflare ssl is active.

Are you trying to access the site admin panel to create your website? Or, you should go to to control your Cloudflare settings. Please post back and let us know how it’s going.

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My website is hosted on another server and the web domain is from another server. What I did was linked to the domain DNS in the cloud and the cloud in the server of my web domain.
The fact is that in the hosting where I have hosted my website tells me that I have to put their two DNS in Cloudflare.

I had made a configuration with another domain., but I do not have the option to add the host’s DNS in Cloudflare.

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