Problem viewing all proprerties of bulk redirect lists

We have defined a small number of bulk redirects for our domains. However, I can’t see any way to actually see all the properties for entries that have previously been put in our lists. I can see a list of the ones that have been defined in Manage Account → Configurations → Lists, but I can’t see any way to view the properties of each item in the list. When I add items to the list, I can set a variety of properties on those items (e.g. use HTTP 301 redirect, include subdomains, etc.), but all of these properties appear to be write-only. i.e. once an item is on the list, I see no way to directly view or modify it. How do I view or modify all properties of existing list items with the dashboard UI?

You’ll find that list in the configurations panel in under Manage Account.

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I don’t know if it can be done from the dashboard, but the Lists section of the API looks promising.

That has potential, although it seems odd that I can setup something in the dashboard without using the API, but I can’t view what’s already been set. This would seem like a design flaw of the interface to me.

As I stated in the initial message, the list of entries appears there, but the full properties of entries are NOT displaying there.

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