Problem verifying my domain

I need to add a TXT record to verify my domain in Google Workspace admin console. In attempting to verify my domain with Cloudflare, an error message appears that states that there’s a problem verifying my domain. Please help in verifying my domain!

Which domain and which TXT entry are you supposed to configure?

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DeluxeFundingdotcom. I’m not sure about which TXT entry. How can I locate that?

Well, you were told to configure something, right?

I simply clicked on “Verify Domain” in Google Workspace and it takes me directly to Cloudflare to verify my domain. After waiting 5 minutes, the error message “problem verifying domain” appears.

Google needs to provide instructions what you need to do on Cloudflare’s side. If you need to configure a TXT entry, add it according to Adding DNS Records.

This is getting extremely confusing and frustrating. Between Google Workspace and Cloudflare, I still cannot solve this problem. I’m ready to give up because there seems to be no solution for me, a customer. No one wants to talk on the phone and walk a customer through this. But thank you for your help…I’ll keep trying.

I am afraid Cloudflare is not really involved here, apart from providing the ability to configure DNS entries. Which DNS entries, is something you need to clarify with Google as they require that verification.

So what can Google Workspace do to help me with Cloudflare verifying my domain?

Cloudflare is not verifying your domain, Google is. And they need to tell you how.

I assume they provide instructions for that and I’d simply follow them. If there is something unclear I would recommend to contact Google to clarify what you need to do exactly.

Google Workspace’s Support Center’s rep. suggested that I contact Cloudflare…now Cloudflare is suggesting that I contact Google Workspace. So I’m caught in the middle with nowhere to go and my problem still not solved. It’s frustrating and unfair to me, the customer.

Well, you are a Google customer, not a Cloudflare one.

But why did they say you should contact Cloudflare? There doesn’t seem to be an issue with Cloudflare. Google needs to tell you what you need to do to verify your domain and then you need to do that.

There actually is a dedicated article on verification entries at Tutorial as well, though that’s not that different from the previously mentioned article anyhow.

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OK, Thank you.

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