Problem venezuela no cant page cloduflare?

I am no imagen, other user venezuela no cant check loading “connection timed out” error 522 " error host?

my chile and other users latam and other more, is working page okay good. Why think block venezuela?

That doesn’t seem to be specific to Venezuela or the MIA PoP, but the site doesn’t seem to be available in general -

What’s your encryption mode? If you have configured the insecure, legacy mode Flexible, that would explain why it does not work, as that typically breaks sites and possibly did so here too. Make sure that is set to Full Strict.

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Yeah not is “http” is correct “https”

and “full stric” yeah here is:

All right, in that case your settings are correct, but something on your server will be blocking the MIA PoP (and possibly others). Make sure the addresses at IP Ranges are all whitеlisted on your server.

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Ok there is use “hestiacp” how is add "ip ranges?

You need to clarify this with your network administrator or at StackExchange or Reddit I am afraid.

Ok thanks you moment check investigate.

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