Problem using Zaraz Tool with a Canva site

Hi guys,

I’ve created a site with canva and put so much effort in it. But soon after finishing it, I’ve discovered that it is not possible to add Google Tag Manager / Google ID to it. And I must say how frustrated I’ve felt. And so, here I am! Found cloudflare and Zaraz as a possible savior to my issue.

So, apparently my site is proxied by cloudflare

Double checked with this Selesti to see if I’m crazy and it’s no proxied
Created the tool in custom HTML
But when I test if it is working in Google Tag Manager, it says:
“No google tag was found in your website”

What am I doing wrong?

I’m pretty sure Canva uses Cloudflare, so all your settings are most likely controlled by them. Are you seeing any analytics in your dashboard?

You do a settings test this with a Redirect Rule for All Incoming Requests to see if the redirect happens:

Thank you for your helpt. There are no traffic analytics and redirect test does not work. After deploying it, it was supposed to work immediately, was it?

Yeah. So that all indicates what I mentioned earlier. It all goes through the Canva account, and you won’t be able to make any changes within your account to alter your traffic.

I am grateful for your help. Now I have a better understanding of the issue.

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Hey, I actually believe this should work, but you need to use CNAME to your Canva subdomain instead of using an A record. can you try that?

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