Problem using Load Balancing and Proxy (orange cloud)

I have a problem when I publish a portal using LB and proxy (orange cloud).

This site uses port 443, which is reused for other sites of the company, however they have different domain names so they don’t interfere with each other.

If I configure the LB without using proxy (gray cloud) everything works fine, I can access the site without problem, but when I activate the proxy it becomes impossible to access because it throws a 404.

I did another test just adding the site in the DNS records and it works with both grey and orange cloud.

So I don’t know if anything extra needs to be configured, I followed the steps in the Cloudflare documentation:
-Configure the LB
-Configure the rule for WAF (Which also doesn’t show much information of the requests, but it does work fine as I see the incoming traffic on my physical firewall and there I can see the IP addresses that belong to Cf’s Anycast.
-There are also rules that allow traffic from these IP’s to the ports allowed by the orange cloud)

Sorry for bad English.


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