Problem transferring my domain to a new host. Name Servers are with CloudFlare? what?


hello all, i’m currently trying to transfer my domain to a new host (siteground). However i’m told i have to login to my cloudflare account to make sure my domain is pointed to the specific IP. i’m told i need access to my CloudFlare to point my Domain to the new host in order to host the website.
BUT. i do not know that i even have a cloudflare account. is there any admin can help do proceed with any verification process to get my allegedly existing account?
i thought i could just login to cpanel and and migrate my wordpress over but now this is my issue. any help please?
ps: the domain is


From what I can see, currently that domain doesn’t appear to be pointing to Cloudflare… It shows


Hi @denson_ng, I can see you added the zone on 2/28 and deleted it later the same day. Name servers were not changed from their current settings from what I can see. I’m at a loss to understand for what reason you’d need to do anything in Cloudflare at the moment, as @domjh observed, it’s not using Cloudflare.

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