Problem to transfer a domain name

I’m trying to transfer this domain name: to Cloudflare. whatever i do, i can’t see any option to transfer it. i can transfer any domain i want to Cloudflare, except this one →

Is there something wrong with Cloudflare? May someone from the community test it if is possible to transfer this domain to Cloudflare?


:wave: @ralfefernandes at this point #reliability:registrar is not your issue, the zone is still pending waiting for a nameserver change. Have you done that at your current registrar?

No, not yet.

My intension is to transfer the domain name to Cloudflare.

I have already two domains registered at Cloudflare, and now I want to transfer all my domains to Cloudflare. but for cervejacuca,com, there is no option to do it.

I don’t think has something to do with nameserver…

You won’t be able to transfer the domain until your site is active on Cloudflare, as @cloonan said.

Looks like your current registrar is Tucows (or a reseller of theirs) and your nameservers currently point to Digital Ocean.

Hi @cloonan and @domjh,

Like I said yesterday, the problem still persist. The nameserver is successfully activated. But i can’t still not be able to transfer the domain name to Cloudflare.
"Congratulations! You have successfully activated cervejacuca.#com. "

And it’s very difficult to be in touch with Cloudflare technical team

The nameservers were confirmed at the end of the day on the 9th, right around the time of your last post. I see the option to transfer the domain if I navigate to transfer domains. If you do not see it, perhaps log out and back in, but it is there.

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