Problem to set a www CNAME record to be recognized by Google Sites host

I need to insert this content (with the final dot) in a www CNAME to be recognized by google sites host, but Cloudflare system cut the final dot everytime I tried to set this CNAME. How to solve this? Google Sites host don’t recognize this register without this final dot. There is an alert in its tutorial to include this final dot.

The period won’t be the issue, make sure the record is not proxied.

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The record is not proxied and google returns 404 The requested URL / was not found on this server.

That means the server is not properly configured for your domain. You need to contact your host.

The server is configured. Remember what I wrote: “There is an alert in its tutorial to include this final dot”, Google Sites host request this final dot, there is an alert.

If the server was configured, it wouldn’t return a 404. You need to contact the host.

The DNS setup is correct.

If you direct any site to, returns 404 The requested URL / was not found on this server. In the Google Sites there is a message in RED to correct the DNS record. Im trying to fix this issue since last friday, I tried workarounds, nothing works. The tutorial ask to insert the final dot in the DNS record. Its not so simple.

Oh for crying out loud. People asking for advice, getting it, and still knowing everything better :roll_eyes:

The period is absolutely meaningless, not only in a DNS context, but especially in an HTTP context. The trailing period is syntax sugar for DNS from the 70s and has absolute zero relevance in this case. I am happy to provide assistance for free, but I am not happy to have my explanation question by someone who actually asked for it. For that I should actually send you an invoice.

The DNS record is all right and yes it is that simple. You need to contact your host and get the server fixed.

What’s the bloody domain?

And post a screenshot of the instructions you received from your host.

I do not know who you are, if you do not have another solution, stay quiet. I do not want your help, I do not want your classes or your advice. If you work on Cloudflare, I am really sorry for this. Google Sites tutorial have an alert to include the final dot, but you say it is absolutely meaningless. I prefer to believe in Google Site tutorial. Goodbye.

Fair enough, your choice, I am sure the Google tutorial will help you. I take your refusal to post the domain and your goodbye as indicator that you have solved this and we can close the thread.

Plus, if you had used the search, as you were told, you would have come across a gazillion threads on the same topic and they would have all told you that the period is of no relevance.

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