Problem to connect google site with CloudFlare domain


I need some help I am trying to connect Cloudflare domain with google site it is showing verifed on google site but when I open it then I can open the website with domain

I want to connect subdomain with other google site and main domain with another google site can you please tell me how I can do it.
here I am sharing screen shots of my DNS setting
kindly help me to solve the problem thank you:

any one there plz help me

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Are you following these directions?

You may need to change your CNAMEs from :orange: to :grey:.

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I already have setup it on google site and it verified and I also show screen shots I have no technical information.

please help me what should I do, I do same method with my another domain with hostinger and its working fine but I follow same method with cloudflare my website it not opening

I have changed dns in name

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