Problem to access wp-admin after redirect DNS to Cloudflare



Aflter redirect DNS to Cloudflare, before the ‘green signal’ of succesful redirect, I disabled the plugin Really Simple SSL but now, 8h after the redirection ok, the site in on air but I cannot access anymore de wp-admin . After login there is a lopping ank for login again.

Help please


This is not a problem on Cloudflare’s side by your description of the problem. This sounds like an internal issue with your site/Wordpress and its plugins or possibly your web server config.


It’s typically a problem when using Flexible SSL. Is that what you’re using on your Cloudflare Crypto page?

Here’s some information on this type of setup:


Thanks, yes, it is.


From that article, make sure you don’t have that FORCE SSL line, or set it to False. Cloudflare’s “Always Use HTTPS” setting will take care of this for you.

And for Flexible SSL, here’s a good plugin:


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