Problem to access

We’ve been having some access problems on the webpage. When we click to login, the page show no content and this has been intermittent.

We suspect that Cloudflare consult some database or API that identifies our IP addresses as if they were in another country or using VPN, which does not happen.

Anyone can help us with this issue?

If that’s not your domain, you’d have contact the site owner to track down the issue you’re having.

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@sdayman We have already done this, but it seems that this is not passed for the engineering area to be analyzed in depth. As they use Cloudflare, we’re trying to get some light here. We suspect that our IP ranges are being flaged as if they are in another country or as if they are using VPN, which is not the case. We provide internet to several other residential providers and we have thousands of customers on this site without being able to access them. Sorry for my English. It’s not my native language.

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