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Hello, I’m having DNS problem on a subdomain in Cloudflare, however, for my hosting server, everything works, but in Cloudflare’s error.
See the following:
The problem below only happens with subdomain, the root domain works perfectly and also on the hosting server.
Exponential, this domain, it also opens also redirecting in both ways to htttps: //, but its use the same practice for my subdomain there is the problem does not open with the www, as it is the case of, if I type in my browser, gives IP error, that is, does not open the domain with www only in the original form: https: //,
In my understanding it should redirect automatically when entering when I type in the browser and do not give IP error …
My question: Why is this making a mistake if I enter with Being that if I point the DNS to my server, it works and pointing to the cloudflare does not work.


Would you mind to post a screenshot of your DNS settings here at Cloudflare?
Remove the IP addresses if you like.

[email protected]:~$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

[email protected]:~$ nslookup

** server can’t find NXDOMAIN




Thanks for the quick response, I’m waiting for your evaluation helping me to solve this issue that I have been trying for the most unsuccessful Cloudflare support for days. My name is Moacir.


Set an A record to www.loja pointing to the same IP as loja


www.loja won’t be covered under the default/ free SSL certificate. It only covers the root and first level subdomains.


Ok, it does not need to open in www, but can not give IP error, when I enter with www it should go at least to, but this is not happening it stays on the www and gives an error. How do I resolve this?

I’m having problems, because users that enter with www is not redirected to, because it should open like this when enter here www …

I at least have the right on the free subdomain to open with https: //.
Even if you type in the www browser, you should redirect to


Either you stop typing www in front of (and removing the host name entirely probably wouldn’t be a bad idea)or you need a certificate for the second level subdomain. The error is being generated by the browser which is rightly reporting there is no certificate for the, that check/ SSL handshake occurs before the browser is able to determine there is a 301 redirect to and unfortunately it’s a security measure that can’t be worked around. You can set up a page rule to redirect all traffic from* to but that will only fire after the error is presented.


so it’s not worth having cloudflare with CDN!


If you want to work through Cloudflare we sell certificates which can allow for that. You’d need the dedicated certificate with alternate host names. The free certificate we provide only covers first level subdomains and the root domain.

But in your current configuration the security parameters of the browser take precedence as they rightly should.


And you would need to explicitly state the subdomains you wanted to cover. No CA will issue a certificate for so you would need to specify * as an alternative name for the cert along with any other unique subdomain branches you wished to cover (e.g. *

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