Problem setting up subdomain with name already in use (watch)

I have a problem with subdomain setup under the DNS, the domain I am required to transfer including a sub domain called watch
In this structure,
When I try to update the records under the DNS (in the CNAME definition) I get the following error message because the name is already set under A

An A, AAAA or CNAME record already exists with that host. (Code: 81053)

What is the correct way to set the subdomain?

Both will work. What’s the issue with this A record? So you need the CNAME to connect to a different domain?

I am trying to set the subdomain of my website through the DNS as I read in this guide

In my understanding, it should be set under the CNAME. The problem is that when I try to set the CNAME, I get the error message that the name watch is already taken (it appears in the default lists under the A definition).

Is it OK to delete the A record that already exist ?

Is it OK to delete the A record that already exist ?

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