Problem setting up subdomain and A record

I set up a subdomain A record and IP address, orange-clouded and proxied. I waited a couple of days then checked with and found three incorrect IP addresses – but not the one I set up.

Any ideas. Thanks.


Thank you for asking.

If the DNS record for that sub-domain is proxied and :orange: as you state:

The lookup should return the IPs which should be related to the Cloudflare network.

May I ask is the sub-domain hostname working, or you experience some issue and error?

Nevertheless, are you using or

Furthermore, did you used some 3rd-party integrator for your domain/website before, or was it like SaaS setup maybe on that sub-domain?

If you temporary switch to :grey: (DNS-only) and wait for a few minutes, then re-check, do you see your correct IP on the lookup?

I switched to DNS only and hat seemed to work. Thanks.

But, this means any of the Cloudflare feature(s) like optimization, speed, security, page rules, etc. for your sub-domain will not apply if it’s unproxied and set to :grey: (DNS-only).

I hope this is what you wanted and expected, and okay?
Or else, you would want it to be proxied :orange: therefore use benefits for your sub-domain?

  • If yes, then switch to :orange: and no need to worry for the “wrong IP address” unless you have got some specific app using it (for example, you cannot sent emails from a hostname which is :orange:).

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