Problem setting up email on Outlook after moving to Cloudflare

Hi everyone
when I started using cloudflare, my website couldn’t be accessed, then somebody suggested to change the encryption to Strict which didn’t fix the problem, then I changed the A record for the domain from Proxied to DNS only and the website started to work but, since then I can’t setup my mailbox with Microsoft Outlook, I can only check my emails through webmail.

When I did a check apparently LeafDNS is reporting my MX mx record as “” and not
also the A records are showing IN A IN A
which should be IN A
Please see the link below:
Leaf DNS

Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

Hi @feri74,

The mail A record should be :grey: as Cloudflare won’t proxy email connections. Then just make sure your mail client is connecting over that unproxied hostname.

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Hi @domjh

Thank you for your message, can you please be more specific?

you said The mail A record should be :grey: ???

Could you give me an instruction please?


There are more details in point 4 here:

You said there is an A record for mail but it’s not resolving to your server IP, so you need to switch it from :orange: to :grey:.

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Dear @domjh
As soon as I made the mail A record :grey: Outlook started working.
But LeafDNs still giving me an error " Glue vs. A record Conflict "
Please see the link below; also thank you for your great tutorial.

Please see the screenshot of my current DNS records

the domain is

If I may add here a note, from above screenshot, kindly consider switching both A autoconfig and A autodiscover from :orange: to :grey: (as sometimes Outlook uses them for some other configuration).

In terms of the A ftp record, if you are connecting to your FTP via using some of the FTP clients like FileZilla, I would suggest switcing it too from :orange: to :grey: (DNS-only) as far as you would get some errors while trying to connect.

  • nevertheless, if you connect directly to your IP instead of using a hostname like, you can remove the A ftp record (of course, maybe it’s useful to have it if multiple users using it, etc.)

Kindly, consider masking/hiding your origin IP (you can update the screenshot by blurring the IP of your origin host / server) + remove or edit your first post to make x.x.x.50 or x.x.x.64 or x.x.x.106 as an IP example.

You can disregard the Glue warning. Leaf doesn’t bother checking when there are multiple IP addresses for the same name server. But we already know those name servers are functioning properly.

Hi @fritex
Appreciate your reply, i have made those changes.
Best of Luck.

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Hi @sdayman
Thank you for confirming that, I really didn’t know CloudFlare has such a great community and support.
I was scratching my head for a few days.
Thank you so much.
How do I remove the screenshot please?
All the best


sorry i removed it.

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