Problem setting up DNS Management

Hey guys, need help with a small thing, I have a node.js app being portforwarded, It can be accessed with it’s IP address and port something like this 255.XXX.XX.X:5000 It’s being hosted from a home server, when I put it in my Cloudflare DNS Manager, the site wont show up no matter how long I wait

← Image of my settings

Can someone please help me? But yea one thing is for sure it can be publically accessed via the IP:PORT, Thanks for reading

I have tried NGINX and Apache2 but no I won’t need them and my stupid ISP has blocked port 80!

Port 5000 is not supported by Cloudflare. Please use the search for details as that topic has come up more than once.

You should use port 443 with a valid certificate on your server and should your ISP block that too you best move it to proper hosting.

Can you give me a list of ports supported? I even tried 3000 and where do we declare the port??

Again, unless you do not mind specifying the port you should only use port 443.

Plus, make sure you have a valid certificate on your server.

Lol I’m using cloudflare for certificate and better speeds, now if I portforward on the port you ask me to portforward will that get my website running cause now my domain is linked to cloudflare

Cloudflare can’t be used for a certificate. You logically need a valid certificate on your server in the first place.

Cloudflare also doesn’t do port forwarding. You could check out Portzilla, but that’s paid and you still need the certificate.

Once more, configure your service on port 443, install a valid certificate, and you are good to go.

i mean i use cloudflare for https instead of http and i also use it for DDoS protection, you did not understand me, I have already portforwarded from my router, rn the site is something like http://255.XXX.XX.X:3000/ so I want to connect it to my domain and protect it, I have cloudflares nameservers on my domain already, so for hosting i am connecting the IP to cloudflare so that i connect the domain and the http will change to http

That’s exactly what I addressed. I am afraid there really is not more to say at this point.

Have a valid certificate and a supported port.

I cant use that port give me another please, I need SSL for website not server… What port do i portforward on?

That will be a permission issue and really is beyond the scope of the forum. You best take this to StackExchange or Reddit.

As long as your service does not have a valid certificate and is running on the supported ports, you can’t run it on Cloudflare.

Can you please tell me about what you understood? I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding somewhere.

What’s not clear about what I have written quite a few times so far?

If you want a service on Cloudflare and on SSL you need a supported port and a valid certificate. We are going in circles here I am afraid. Make sure your configuration works and Cloudflare will work out of the box.

So even a server has a certificate??? I used AWS before and I ran it on port 3000 and i just had to add he IP and it got connected

I believe I said that by now five times. Yes, of course you need a certificate on your server. How else would you imagine SSL should work?

Please actually read what I wrote and follow through on that.

You need two steps to get this working:

  1. Portzilla ($5/month): Cloudflare Apps
  2. Certificate on server (free): Managing Cloudflare Origin CA certificates – Cloudflare Help Center

Forget the ssl but what about connecting them??? man this is confusing I have never come across this! Literally no one did this on AWS and it was a brand new Ubuntu server and it worked how?

You really need to check out And yes, server adminstration is not easy and that’s why people usually pay professionals to do that.

We are going in circles here.

why do i need portzilla now?