Problem setting DNs and Shopify

I´m having this problem to set up my DNs.

First! I set my shopify store with its records A and CNAME (so my domain is hosted in shopify) so far my site is working.

Second! I have a mail hosting from another provider which a need to set up Dns, so I´m not sure if I did it right because I still have problems with it and can set my email accounts on outloook and their not working because it´s not pointing to the mail server. Please if anyone can help me and give clue to solve it.

Assuming the IP of the A record for ‘mail’ is correct, the only change I can see immediately that you probably need to make, is to switch that record from :orange: to :grey:.

Cloudflare does not proxy mail services, hence why it needs to be set to :grey:. Also make sure that any email services connect over the :grey: subdomain, i.e. rather than

You could also take a look at Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare

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