Problem sending forms when cache is activated

Problem sending forms when cache is activated. When we fill in all the mandatory fields in the forms and send, we get information that all the fields must be filled in, even though they are filled in. No email will be sent to the recipient (to us). In Development mode, the form works as it should.
This problem occurs on several of our forms on our website, that they are not sent, and that we get a misleading validation message - when your cache is turned on.

Can anyone help us to solev this issue?

Fredrik Olsson

Cloudflare doesn’t cache pages by default. What setting did you use to override this? Was it a Page Rule, or are you using Automatic Platform Optimization (APO)?

Thanks for the reply and for giving us a clue.

I’m sorry I came up with so little information. We run cache with rules, according to some recommendations for Joomla and so on. We changed the cache rule to default/normal. Now it works to send the forms as they should.

/ Fredrik

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