Problem resolving hostname after starting to use DNS

Hey everyone, I have a problem resolving hostnames after I started using Cloudflares DNS services for a GoDaddy domain.

The Servers Layout
I have a domain at GoDaddy, let’s say and I have the following servers:

  • - this is my website (also accessible by
  • - this is my first backend server used as a restAPI
  • - this is another backend server used as restAPI
  • - this is a development website and for testing
  • - test server 1
  • - test server 2

All of those servers are hosted in Heroku some as paid dynos and some as free.

The Problem
I have moved all the DNS records (and created new ones as needed for CNAME) and now when I try
curl -I
I usually get curl: (6) Could not resolve host: .
I say usually since it sometimes works and than stops working and I have no idea way.

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