🔥 Problem range date montly/weekly Firewall event

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I’ve discover a bug with the range of date : I can’t choose the montly or weekly range of date in Firewall event. I’v test with Firefox, Chrome and Edge. You can see my gif :

Why I can’t use the monthly date range ? It’s just a human error, Me, or you have too the same bug ? :thinking:

Thanks in advance !

P.S : I’ve desactivated all of my extensions in Firefox/Chrome, same to Dark Reader block my login in https://dash.cloudflare.com/login

You can’t select more than 24 hours if your are on a free plan.
Biz and Enterprise have 72 hours


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@MarkMeyer Hi :wave:t3:

Oups … Thank you ! It’s possible to get log of this month in CSV or JSON, for exemple, use an API ?

The Cloudflare API List Events endpoint [1] seems to return all firewall events with no time constraint, even on a Free plan.

It is considered deprecated according to the docs, replaced with a graphql dataset [2]. The graphql firewall events can only be queried for the last 15 days on a Free plan, however.

Hope that helps!
- John

[1] https://api.cloudflare.com/#firewall-events-list-events
[2] https://developers.cloudflare.com/analytics/graphql-api/tutorials/querying-firewall-events/


@john.spurlock @MarkMeyer Thank you very muck :smiley::wave:t3: